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Hand Push passenger stairs

CARTOO SERIES Hand push type passenger step is the up-to-date special developed equipment for aviation application. The platform height of the equipment ranges 2500mm-5200mm from the ground. It is suitable for A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, B707, B727, B737, B757, B767, DC-8/40/50F, DC8-61/61F, DC8-62/62F, DC8-63/63F, and 1L-18 aircraft. It can also be used for aircraft crew to work on aircraft.

This passenger step is a kind of towable equipment by hand or by tractor without any commercial engine and chassis, hence it saves the fuel and maintenance cost during the operation process. It also can reduce the operational cost and easily operated by workers. The slow speed towing by hand can make it safety when it interface with the aircraft. Besides, it has no noisy and no environmental pollution. The passenger step itself is light and suitable for operation by one or two workers to push to access the aircraft in small distance.

Model: CT2700TKT Towable Passenger Stairs
Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 5400 X 2210 X 3700mm
Work Height Range: 2500mm ~ 2700mm
Step quantity: 13 nos.
Loading capacity: 28 persons.
One 40ft container can load two units

Model: CT3600TKT Towable Passenger Stairs
Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 6920 X 2210 X 3520mm
Work Height Range: 2200mm ~ 3600mm
Step quantity: 18 nos.
Loading capacity: 33 persons.
One 40ft container can load one units.
Model: CT4400TKT Towable Passenger Stairs
Overall Dimension (LxWxH): 8285 X 2220 X 3520mm
Work Height Range: 2500mm ~ 4400mm
Step quantity: 21 nos.
Loading capacity: 48 persons.
One 40ft container can load one units.
More details can be provided through contact by our email address: sales@cartoo.com.cn

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